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  The impressive Elektrik Market has created a set in Attraction that fusion fans will enjoy.


Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian and author of 11 books including The Great Jazz Guitarists and The Jazz Singers

Steve Hunt – Keyboards, Synths

Ervin Dhimo – Bass, Fretless Bass

Jovol Bell – Drums, Percussion

Internationally acclaimed keyboardist Steve Hunt (Allan Holdsworth, Stanley Clarke, Virgil Donati) has teamed up with Albanian born powerhouse bassist Ervin Dhimo and virtuoso drummer Jovol Bell to create a new energetic and exciting power-trio called “Elektrik Market”.

These highly proficient and talented musicians have been electrifying their audiences with high-energy captivating performances blending creative expressions of soundscaping and grooves with mesmerizing improvisational interplay. This group brings the listener with them on a thrilling psychedelic musical journey with their harmonious arrangements full of soaring dynamic textures and colors all laid upon a foundation of funk and groove. The show without a doubt leaves the spectators craving for more.

“As a band and individual artist, we draw on the influences and inspiration from the past 50 years of contemporary jazz, funk and fusion music and blend that with our own original concepts” - Elektrik Market




Steve Hunt ( (


Currently  Professor @ Berklee College of Music, Touring and Recording, Owner of Kitchen Studios


Has toured with an recorded with artist such as: Allan Holdsworth Stanley ClarkeGeorge DukeKenny GFreddy HubbardRamsey LewisNoel PointerStanley Turrentine, and the late Phyllis Hyman just to name a few!


Ervin Dhimo (  ( (Website(s):


Currently  Professor @ University of Massachusetts Boston, Recording Second Elektrik Market Album, Touring and Clinician Artist.


Ervin has toured & recorded with artist such as Bruce Bartlett, Steve Hunt, Bob Gulloti, Herman Jonhson, Pat Loomis, Frank Willkins, Leo Genovese, Steve Langone, Will Hudgins, And Many Others.  



Jovol Bell ( ( ( (Website(s)


Currently Professor @ York College in NYC, Touring and Recording, Owner Of LightChild Studios


Jovol has Toured and worked with artist such as Stanley Clarke, Hiromi Uehara, Greg Howe, (Grammy Award Winning) Sweet Honey In the Rock, David Fiucynski, Bob James Nathan East, Jaguar Right, Bobby Lyle, Joe Sample, Everett Harp, Kim Burrell, Kelvin Mcclendon, Kurt Carr, Hubert Laws,Evan Marien (EMAR), Alex Han just to name a few..



CD Review

Elektrik Market



Bassist Ervin Dhimo, originally from Albania, spent six years living in Greece where he graduated from a music conservatory, and was awarded a European scholarship to study at Berklee in the U.S. where he has since settled. Veteran keyboardist Steve Hunt has been an important musical force since the 1980s, working along the way with Billy Cobham, Stanley Clarke, and Allan Holdsworth (1987-1995) in addition to leading his own sessions for his Spice Rack label. Dhimo and Hunt co-lead Elektrik Market, a unit that on Attraction also features either Vancil Cooper or Steve Michaud on drums and Jerry Leake or Ricardo Monzon on percussion. The fusion-oriented unit performs colorful originals (mostly by Hunt and Dhimo) that are full of surprises and superior playing with many inventive solos from both the bassist and keyboardist.

            The program begins with a brief prelude “Portrait Of A Painter” that features Dhimo’s fluent yet thoughtful bass over Hunt’s background keyboards. “Attraction” is much lengthier with Dhimo’s bass creating a funky groove that becomes denser as it progresses. Hunt’s orchestral keyboard and a four-note phrase that pops up in various spots make this an accessible and dynamic performance. “A River Flows” reminds one of Weather Report’s original goal to have “everyone and no one soloing.” The ensemble piece has strong contributions from each of the musicians with Hunt’s keyboards in the lead. Speaking of Weather Report, one is reminded of the interplay between Joe Zawinul and Jaco Pastorius on “Dafina’s Journey.” The performance includes an outstanding keyboard solo, a few changes in tempos, grooves and moods, and an Eastern European feel, making for a fun musical adventure.

            “Tirana’s Sunrise” does have the feeling of a sunrise, starting as a thoughtful ballad and picking up steam along the way. The episodic “Witch Hunt” includes catchy grooves that are a little reminiscent of Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters although they are more modern. Concluding this CD is the melodic “Fusion Collusion” and “Time Traveler” which has a rhythmic four-note riff by Dhimo that inspires some fine improvising by Hunt.

            The impressive Elektrik Market has created a set in Attraction that fusion fans will enjoy.


Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian and author of 11 books including The Great Jazz Guitarists and The Jazz Singers




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