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We have some really exciting news and updates we would like to share with you all.  


  First, our group “Elektrik Market” (formerly known as The Ervin Dhimo Trio) will be releasing a new recording this fall of 2018 titled ATTRACTION. It will be available on CD as well as digital downloads from multiple music outlets including our websites at and .  


  Second, we are looking forward to promoting and touring the new Elektrik Market CD release of ATTRACTION very soon.  Starting in the Fall and over the next year we will be doing record release concerts and events around the Boston and New York area and we also have plans to take it around the world to share. 

We will keep everyone informed of upcoming shows and promotions.


   And finally, over the past few years we have been working hard developing the sound, compositions and style, performing under the name “The Ervin Dhimo Trio”.  We are proud to introduce to you the new name that we believe captures and personifies our style and vision for the music we create.


#Electric Jazz World Fusion #Instrumental Music 

We are,

Elektrik Market. 

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